I can tackle any project from end to end, from big-picture vision and planning to the nitty-gritty details.


Whether it’s a news stub or a feature, a massive city guide or a single Instagram caption, all of your content should feel cohesive. That’s the key to differentiating yourself from your competitors; it underscores your take on things, your unique value prop—what you, and only you, offer. Having built sites from the ground up, I'm an expert at building voice and guidelines for content. I'll set the scope of editorial coverage and I'll help answer the fundamental question: what stories do you want to tell, and how should you express them? I'll develop an editorial manifesto that defines what your content aims to do. Surveying the competitive landscape and assessing the target audience, I'll create a state of the state: what does your brand cover, what doesn’t it, and what's its overall take on things? Your voice will never be clearer. 


With experience running teams of varying cadences—anywhere from three to 40 pieces of content a day—I’m intimately familiar with the challenges of building out a smart editorial calendar. Wondering how much to publish? Curious what every hour, day, week, month, and season looks like? Here's where I'll hammer out the details. My content campaigns are packed with innovative ideas that pair written and video content with social and other distribution channels; allow for long-lede projects and major brand tentpoles; and ensure business goals and needs are being met. 


Digital content doesn’t exist in a vacuum—it exists in the context of the people who consume it, and those people are key to unlocking what’s working and what’s not. I'll help you go beyond top-line metrics to reveal what your audience is really telling you. From there, we'll make smart decisions that give your current audience more of what it wants and attracts new audience along the way. I'll set a social strategy that furthers your brand tone and aesthetic, all while promoting day-to-day content, making the most of each platform, and amping up engagement.


Over the course of my career, I’ve worked with a wide swath of writers, ranging from novice to prolific, all while striving to become the sort of editor who will work exhaustively to make copy better. I’m a stickler for good reporting, and I’m not afraid to whip out the proverbial red pen when the situation warrants it. Yet I always take pains to preserve a writer’s voice throughout the editing process. I offer constructive feedback, I don’t bark orders, and I arm the writers with whom I work the confidence to dig deeper and further develop their own style. I can make content ideas come to life by working closely with writers—staffers and contractors alike—to ensure a flawless execution.


I’m a whip-sharp writer who’s obsessed with grammatical accuracy, good reporting, and expressing ideas in an engaging, cogent way. Throughout my career, I've done it all, from blog posts and quick-hit news stories to essays, features, city guides, and profiles. Better yet, I’m open to constructive feedback, I file on time, and I don’t have an ego about revisions; after all, every editor needs an editor. Check out my portfolio to read through some of my most recent work.


A company is only as good as its people. I have a proven track record of assembling teams that work well together in the workplace—and ones that love socializing off the clock. (The team I built at T+L still regularly gets together for dinners and happy hours.) With my knack and experience for recruiting and hiring, plus my deep Rolodex of supremely talented contacts, I'm poised to help mentor current teams and put the right people in the right positions.